Choosing The Right Dog Trainer

Choosing The Right Dog TrainerA well-trained dog is a delight to have. It is obedient, observant and always on its guard. Furthermore it makes for good company, for both humans and fellow canines. A trained dog is the product of responsible pet ownership, one that protects the welfare of dogs and other humans.

One may ask why there is a need to train a dog and why having trained dogs is an example of responsible pet ownership. The answers are simple – it is not just about the owner’s satisfaction of having a loyal companion, but also about the best interest of the dog and its safety and the safety of other dogs and other humans.

There are so many cautionary tales that would certainly encourage someone to get his or her dog into training. One dog may appear docile, but when placed in a stressful situation, he may snap and harm dogs and humans alike.

Getting a trainer is a good thing, but getting a certified trainer who knows what he or she is doing is even more important. Here are a few guidelines on how to choose a dog trainer.

Consider the Dog’s Needs
A dog owner needs to identify what his or her dog needs to learn. There are dogs who need to learn basic commands like “sit,” “stay,” “heel,”. Obedience training would help a dog learn to follow their masters. As a result, the owner would have an easier time reigning in his or her pet. There are also socialization classes, usually taught in “puppy” schools. In these classes, dogs will learn how to get along with other dogs and humans. This is especially helpful when taking dogs out for a walk in the neighborhood or in the park.

Know the Dog Trainers and their Qualifications
Hiring a dog trainer just because the location and schedule is convenient is not enough. It is highly imperative to get qualified dog trainers who know exactly both theory and application. Dog training is a very sensitive industry because it deals with people’s and canine’s safety. Interviewing with the trainer is a good way to know his or her background, philosophy and program. Furthermore, letting the trainer meet the dog first to see if there is good rapport between the two is recommended.

Ask for References
Asking for references is a smart way to know just how effective a dog trainer is. If possible, get referrals from family and friends, if they ever had their dogs trained. The main idea is to know how the trainers treated their dogs and how successful they were during and after the training.

Be Involved
PuppySmart Trainers know that the process is always a team effort among the canine, its owner and the trainers. Owners must always be involved. The primary caregiver of the dog is the one who needs to be around during the training sessions or classes. After all, they would be the ones to issue the commands. Owners must not be timid about asking questions and providing feedback.

Having a pet dog is a rewarding thing. But being responsible for a life means that safety must always be a priority. Choosing a dog trainer is a simple process, but it needs effort. Getting to know the available trainers – their training, qualifications, philosophy and program is something that must be meticulously investigated. A well-trained dog is a joy to be had not just for the owners, but for other people and their pets as well.

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