10 Things You Should Do If Your Pet Goes Missing

10 Things You Should Do If Your Pet Goes Missing


A pet may be the child, best friend, sibling or a companion for pet lovers. The pet owner’s bad fear is losing the beloved friend. It gives you intense pain and worse feeling after his loss. Pets are one of the members of your family. They show unconditional love towards you.

A pet share a lot of affection entertains you and makes you feel stress less. The pet can give you kindness, responsibility, playfulness, patience, and a true love. It changes the mood of the person and makes him happy

For pet lovers, sometimes losing a pet can be more painful than losing a human, because it gives tremendous love and care for you… Loss of the most lovable pet can cause psychological and mental disorders for you.

Few of the possible tips to do if your pet goes missing.

1. Make the perfect posting flyers:

Missing Pet Flyer

It is one of the effective methods to find a lost pet. If your pet is missing it is a good idea to make a poster everywhere. An electronic poster is a very easy way to post the information on the internet; you can also include the recent click of your pet, the actual date and time they went missing and also the phone number to contact you.

You must put the accurate descriptions of your pet like color, size, height, coat length and also mention whether it is an unusual breed or crossbreed. Make the poster larger, which leads anyone to read. You can print on colored paper to make the pet’s picture very clear.

Be confident that your pet’s image is perfect which shows the physical appearance distinctively. Put posters at local shops, libraries, high traffic roads to attain the quicker result.

2. Microchipping:

It is very essential to ensure that your pet is microchipped because it can help you if your pet is missing. It is one of the methods of electronic identification. Each microchip contains a unique number and detected by a micro scanner. It can easily save your lovable pet’s life.

You can just implant the chip under the skin of your pet that is back of its neck. If someone finds your dog, they can scan the chip which includes its name, address, license ID number, microchip ID number, picture, medical records phone number and other information that helps to find your pet.

It is the safe, simple and quick procedure. It is an effective way of joining the lost pets with their owners. If a microchipped pet is missing, a vet, animal warden or animal welfare team can be able to scan the ID and identify your pet.

3. Make a call:

Make a call

If your pet is missing you can make a call to rescue center which is located nearby you. You can also contact your vet, dog warden or pet shops. It is also a good idea to widen your search because someone may be taken your pet from another area.

If your pet is not found in the rescue center, give them a full description of your dog/cat and a photo. You can make a call to the police station if you are confident that your pet is missing.

There is another option; if your pet is microchipped then you may call to microchip company. They can scan the chip and identify the pet’s location. Once it is registered it is not possible for anyone to change the microchip details.

4. Use of Internet:

Use The Internet

You can use social media like facebook, email, twitter to find your missing pet. Keep posting your pet’s images on websites and mention when and where your pet disappeared. Post as public so that everyone can see your pet’s information and share with their friends.

There are some websites that help the people to find their missing pet. Share the pet’s photo as you can. Animals can look differently at different postures so share the page, invite your friends and update it regularly.

Most of the states have a facebook page for lost dogs and search it. Twitter can also help you, tweet the location where it was found, at last, include pet’s photo, contact number then put the hashtag as the #lost pet.

5. Tell neighbors:

If your pet is missing, make sure that your neighbors know the pet’s name and how it looks. Go to your neighbor’s home every day to see whether your pet is present or not.

Some pets may stay very close to home, so that your neighbors may help to find missing loved one. When you move out for searching your pet, tell each and every one about missing pet.

You can also give the recent photograph of your pet and other information to them for easy identification. Make a call to all your neighbors who are nearby you, so that they can also look for your pet. Go for a night walk and call your pet’s name it’s the best idea.

6. Don’t give up your search:

It may be very painful for you physically and mentally but don’t give up your search. Always keep your pet’s facebook page alive by posting recent updates and ask a people whether they have seen your pet.

Keep calling your vets, pet warden, pet shop owners or local animal shelters about your pet. Go to every home in the neighborhood, call your pet repeatedly, and visit local veterinarians and shelters.

If there is a collar and ID tag with all the details then there is a chance that your pet will return you. You may create lost cat signs on your PC and print instead of spending the time to search; keep the updated information.

7. Do not chase them:

If you see your pet anywhere do not chase them, tell others also not to chase them. When your pet is running it will cause danger of hitting by a car, hurting himself or moving into some dangerous situation.

When your pet runs, start running with it this makes him play and be happy. If you have food with you, gently give it for your pet and speak politely. The pet can identify you by getting closer; the scent is the strongest sense for pets.

If you sit down with your pets and speak, it gets less threatening and behaves in a right manner. Some pets love chasing; if you don’t chase it will be curious to see you and watches what you are doing.

8. Place ads in the newspaper:

Place ads in the newspaper

You can give advertisements about your pets in the newspaper with the full description of the name, physical appearance, and a picture. Check the “lost pet” ad daily to be updated. It may be useful to find your pet.

If some stranger calls you and says that he is having your pet be alert. If he gives the correct details about your pet then you can be sure that he is with your pet. You can ask him to tell the information on ID and track the location.

Be cautious that not to meet the caller alone. Do not call him to home meet somewhere else. Stay safe and secure until you see your lovable pet.

9. Analyze lost and found sites:

You must repeatedly check online and local newspapers to see whether anyone has noticed your pet. If there is no fruitful news, don’t feel bad; if your pet is with proper identification like a microchip, collar ID then still you have a chance to see your dog.

Post updated details on social media and share photos with actual appearance. Keep your ads current in online and newspaper. Check that there are lost or found pets in your area, so that you may see their details page and ensure that your pet is found or not.

Check where you have posted your flyers to make sure that they still remain and not covered yet.

10. Keep visiting local animal shelters:

Visit your local shelter more than once daily, you may go to all the shelters that are 20 miles of where your pet was lost. Animals that don’t have microchips or collar ID are kept for three days in a shelter. If an animal got injury or pain then it may be kept under protection.

If you found your pet in a shelter, you must have current vaccinations and dog license or take some other proof like ownership photos and medical records. If your pet had a medical treatment, the veterinarian may provide additional information about your pet’s health condition.


Wait for a while to be reunited with your dear pet! Don’t get panic and give up your search because most lost animals have found their way back home. I hope that the above tips will help to find your pet. Leave your comment for us!

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