Can You Trust Your Pet With Dog Trainers?

Dog Trainer Rochester New YorkWhether you have recently adopted a pet, or you are experiencing difficulties with the pet you own, you may be wondering if you can trust your dog with a dog trainer.  While training by a professional can make pet ownership a better experience, all dog trainers in Rochester are not alike.

If you know someone who has used a dog trainer in the past, a good recommendation can be helpful.  However, if no one in your life has had experience with a trainer, there are some points to consider when choosing one.

First, harsh training practices will backfire.  As you do not want to trust your dog to someone who will treat him harshly, this is something you need to know about before hiring a trainer.  One way to gain information is by talking to the trainer.  He should emphasize positive reinforcements rather than punishments.

While you should be completely satisfied with his answers, do not rely solely on what the trainer says to you.  Ask to observe a training session, and to see dogs that he has trained.  While his approach to the dogs should be friendly, firm, and professional, you can also learn from a dog’s behavior.  A dog in his care should not be unduly fearful or aggressive.

Second, trainers and owners must agree on what a dog needs to be taught.  Have a conversation with the trainer you are considering to make sure you have the same goals.  One of your main priorities is for your dog to be easy to manage when you take him home.  It is not helpful for a dog to obey his trainer but refuse to cooperate with his owner.

Third, a trainer should be qualified and experienced.  Ask the prospective Rochester trainer where he learned how to train dogs, and how much experience he has had.  You will have more confidence in your trainer if he has had plenty of experience.

Fourth, if you plan to leave your pet with a trainer for a period of time, you need to know about your pet’s living arrangements.  He must be fed and groomed regularly, have adequate space for exercise, and a place to sleep that is clean and quiet.

Your pet is very important to you.  In many cases, professional training has better results than owners attempting to train their own dogs.  A good trainer truly loves dogs, and can work with your dog’s temperament to achieve good results.

However, not all trainers are trustworthy.  Some are not as fond of animals, and do not know how to properly train them.  Others simply lack the experience to produce the results you want.  You can avoid many unnecessary problems, and have results you are satisfied with, by putting time and care into choosing the best trainer.

Your pet can be a joy to live with when he is well-behaved and cooperative.  The way he is trained, and the person he is trained by, can make a difference.  You will never regret owning your pet when you look for a good dog trainer.

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