Where To Find Dog Trainers In Rochester NY?

Rochester Dog TrainerWelcoming a new puppy or dog into your home is fun and exciting. A dog is a loyal, devoted and fun companion who can give you joy, get you moving and out of the house for daily walks, comfort you when you are feeling down and become the best friend you have ever had. To get the most out of your relationship with your dog and to make sure your new friend is happy, emotionally balanced and well behaved, training is crucial.

A well trained dog knows what is expected of them and understands their place in the pack. As pack animals, dogs need a leader. If leadership is lacking in a dog’s home, the dog will assume the role of pack leader. As you can imagine, all kinds of trouble ensues when the dog is the one in charge. A dog trainer can help you become the firm, gentle leader your dog needs to become a member of your pack and a lifelong friend to everyone in your family. As leader of the pack, your dog will look to your for guidance, structure, safety and security.

How Can I Train My Dog?

There are many approaches to training a dog, but animal behaviorist experts and veterinarians agree that positive reinforcement is the most effective way to train a dog. An experienced dog trainer in Rochester, NY knows how to train dogs using positive reinforcement methods that will give your dog the ability to understand what you want them to do and comply with your commands.

What Should I Look For In A Trainer?

Just like child care, you do not want to trust just anyone with the care and training of your dog. You need to do your research and make sure the trainer you choose to work with is knowledgeable, has a good track record, is kind and humane when working with your dog and never trains with fear and aggression based tactics.

Where Can I Find A Dog Trainer?

Ask your veterinarian for a referral. Most veterinarians have a trainer or two they work with frequently and so they can recommend them and personally vouch for their work. Visit your local dog park and talk with other dog owners to get trainer referrals. Many large, national pet supply stores offer training so stop in, watch a class and see if that is a good option for your and your dog. Stop by your locally owned pet boutique and ask the people there who they recommend. Asking around for trainer referrals from people who have and work with dogs is a great way to find the right trainer for you.

Once you have trainer names and contact information, be sure to ask questions about their methods and how they prefer to work with dogs. Trust your gut instincts and if something seems off, move on to another trainer. Your dog trusts you to keep them safe, so finding a trainer that will guide your dog with firm but loving guidance is paramount to getting the results you want and the training your dog deserves.

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