How To Keep A Dog While Working Full Time – 5 Golden Tips

How To Keep A Dog While Working Full Time – 5 Golden Tips

Imagine working full-time from morning until evening. When you reach home, you are feeling tired, but when you step into your house, you see your dog happily shaking her tail welcoming you home, how does that make you feel?

Most people wish to keep a small pet at home. However, they never dare to think about this because they have to work full time every weekday except for the weekend. Thus, the idea of keeping a pet dog quickly diminishes from most people’s head.

You can keep a dog while still working full time. You can be a responsible owner and still make your dog happy and live a good life. Here are 5 golden tips that can help…

1. Commit more in the beginning

It is true that it takes a lot of commitment to take care of your dog, especially when you first bring her home. You need to train her and teach her most of the house rules.

Your puppy may cause accidents, and she may pee whenever she wants to. And that’s normal. It happens to every puppy unless she has learned how to do it correctly.

It requires tremendous effort and time commitment to teaching your dog and keep your schedule on track in the beginning. Luckily, this is only temporary, and things will improve after a few months.

Thus, if you can commit more in the beginning stage to give your puppy your best, you have no problem keeping a dog while working full time.

2. Create their private space

Dog laying down and playing with toyDogs are like humans. You want to have your own private space, your own play area and your own space for working. The same goes for your dog.

You can set up an area in your home to become her playpen. This is where you will put her crate, toys, food bowl, water bowl, cushion bed, etc.

Turn this playpen into your dog’s private area where she will feel safe and comfortable when she’s in it. This helps a lot when you go out to work and leaving her in her playpen.

3. Spend your weekend with your dog

Since you may not have time for your dog on weekdays, you must then schedule and make yourself free to be with your dog on the weekends.

Of course, if you can spend time with them and play with them every day will be good.

And if weekdays are difficult for you because you feel exhausted and tired from work after you reach home, spend your weekend with your dog.

Thus, use your weekend to recharge and have fun with your dog. Bring them outdoor to parks and play with them.

Studies have shown that dog owners tend to be healthier and happier than non-dog owners. When you play and run with your dog, you are doing the activities that make you happy and healthy too.

4. House training is a must

You must house-train your dog no matter what. If possible, try to train her as early as possible.

For instance, you may want to teach her potty correctly. She may pee and poop anywhere and anytime she feels like it, just like a baby. Once she has learned the correct way, it saves you a lot of headache and time.

Potty training your dog is not as difficult as you think. You can train her to eliminate on the training pad or grass pad. This way, when you are not around, she will release at the right place without causing you troubles.

Apart from potty training, you may want to consider teaching her not to jump on people or any other training you feel like necessary.

5. Collaborate with your neighbors

Before you get a dog, try to collaborate and talk to your neighbors. Some people are alright with dogs, and they are willing to help.

It is not necessary that they help you out on your dog, but rather, they can keep an eye on your dog when you are not around.

If you get a few minutes during lunch time to check out your dog will be good. Some people’s workplace is near where they stay, it will be more convenient and easy for them.

However, if you are not staying near, it will be alright too. Just make sure you have done everything and prepared before you leave your house.

Another option is to hire a dog walker. This way, you can keep your dog active and engaged instead of staying at home the whole day.


Keeping a dog while working full time is something possible to do, but it may take you more effort and commitment especially in the beginning.

If you are planning to get a dog and you are in this situation, try to go for a less active dog breed like a Pug or Maltese.

You can even consider bringing your dog to professional trainers during the weekend so that both you and your dog can learn to make it work together.

Working full time and keeping a dog at the same time may sound challenging, but it is doable as long as you have the heart.

Max Clayton
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