5 Things College Students Should Know Before Adopting a Dog

5 Things College Students Should Know Before Adopting a Dog

Have you ever dreamed of owning a dog as a child? Or imagined yourself running side-by-side in the park with your new furry little friend? But for some reason, the dream never became a reality. Then one day while you were sitting in class listening to your professor give a lecture, the thought came back, and you told yourself, “You’re going to make this happen.” So once class was over, you got up and headed straight to the animal shelter with one thing in mind and one thing only. To come home with a dog in your arms. Although owning a dog can be a wonderful experience, it’s no easy task for students.

Here are five things students should be aware of before adopting a dog.

Things to Know

1.     Dogs need love, lots of it

Dogs aren’t toys, they require a lot of time and energy, even as adults. Yes, they’re fun to play with and have greeted you at the door when you get home. But if you live by yourself and have other obligations such as work and school, then a dog might not be able to fit into your schedule at the moment.

2.     Make sure your home is dog proof

If you’re a college student living in an apartment or a house for that matter, make sure you walk your dog as much as possible to avoid stress. Leaving a dog captive in a kennel, or a room all day will likely cause the animal to stress out. This can lead to the animal injuring themselves trying to escape, or damaging the furniture as a way to vent their frustration. In other words, it’s important to let the dog exercise, and know when the dog is showing signs of stress. On the other hand, it’s also important to avoid leaving out any exposed wires, pieces of sharp furniture, and other objects that can injure the dog when you’re not home.

3.     More attention than others

Unlike other animals, dogs aren’t the cheapest pets to have. With trips to the vet, buying dog food, and making sure the dog has everything it needs, things can add up at a relatively fast pace. As it is, most college students have a hard enough time paying their tuition every year. So getting a pet, such as a dog, might add more of a financial burden if you aren’t prepared.

With that being said, it’s also important to note that some dog breeds require more attention than others, which means they could spend more time at the vet. This might result in you spending more money than you expected. It’s important to know, before you decide to adopt a dog, make sure you do your research and check your financial records.

4.      Moving across states with your best friend

As a former college student, the most exciting day to look forward to is graduation. Family comes to visit; everyone congratulates you on the accomplishment, and you look forward to moving back home. Now moving, in general, can be a tedious process, but when there’s a dog involved you have to be extra careful throughout this procedure to make sure everything you do is in the dog’s best interest, which means planning ahead is vital. In other words, make arrangements with movers, friends, or family members and go over some moving tips to make sure everything goes according to plan for your new best friend.

5. Build a relationship with the animal shelter you’re looking to adopt from

Before you consider getting a dog, make sure you’re familiar with the local animal shelters around you. Visit each location and get a feel for the environment. To it put it differently, double check and verify that the animal shelter is a legitimate rescue organization. If you feel comfortable with the environment, then you know you’re at the right place to find a new best friend. At this point, the only thing left to do is find your perfect match and take him/her home with you

We would like to know, do you have any tips for students who are looking to adopt a dog.?Or do you have experience dealing with someone who adopted a dog while in college? I will be checking for comments, so feel free to express your thoughts on today’s article.

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