How to Keep Your Dog Clean

How to Keep Your Dog Clean

Your dog is a member of your family. Hence, it is your responsibility to give the best care to your dog. Keeping your dog healthy should be your prime responsibility. A healthy life starts with a hygienic environment. Maintaining hygiene is a must for your dog. The more hygienic is your dog; the better will be your dog’s health. You cannot have a fun time with your dog if you smell the bad odor from your dog’s body. There are various factors which make your dog odorous. Every pet owner should take necessary steps to provide hygiene to their dogs. An unhygienic dog is potent to spread numerous germs. It is imperative to keep your dog clean at all times. Have a quick overview of the following points to know how to keep your dog clean.

Regular Bathing
Remove the dirt from the skin of your dog by using warm water and by applying a dog shampoo which can get a shot of odors from your dog’s body. The right way of shampooing your dog is to make lather of the shampoo in your hands and then rub the lather on your dog’s neck, chest, belly, fur and outside of the ear. Do not apply shampoo near your dog’s ears. Make sure you bath your dog on a regular basis which will keep your dog’s look tidy and fresh all day long. Our Shampoo recommendation is Oatmeal Anti-Itch Shampoo.

Pay Heed to the Ears
How often do you remove dirt from your dog’s ears? The dirty ears of your dog will spread odors and will create a unhygienic effect in the body of your dog. You do not have to clean the ears of your dog quite often. Keep checking your dog’s ears regularly. You can use mineral oil, wipes, or an ear cleaner to clean your dog’s ears. Just make sure that the cleaning process should not cause harm or irritation in the ears of your dog. Take a cotton ball to remove any fluid from the canal of the ear of your dog. While wiping your dog’s ears, you must use the cleaner in a circular motion, and you should be gentle with your hand movements.

Comb your Dog
Visit your pet’s store to get a right comb or brush to clean the fur of your dog. A regular combing will help exclude dirt particles from the skin and fur of your dog. The dirt particles which get accumulated on the surface of your dog’s skin release the bad smell. Hence, you must brush your dog’s fur on a daily basis to keep your dog’s fur odorless.

Pay Attention to your Dog’s Teeth
Just like human beings, even dog produces bad breath, if a dog’s mouth is not cleaned regularly. It is extremely necessary for the health of your dog to maintain a good oral hygiene. Get a toothbrush and toothpaste tailored for your dog’s teeth from a pet store. Take a little amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush and apply the right brushing technique on your dog’s teeth. Brush your dog’s teeth in upward and downward position. Ensure to clean all the teeth of your dog in a soft and circular motion. Check out Kissable Dog Toothpaste.

Use Dog’s Cologne
To have a pleasing smell from your dog’s body, you can opt for a dog’s cologne or perfume. Dog’s perfumes and colognes are extremely preferred by pet owners. The cologne and perfumes are completely safe for your dog, as the perfumes are mild in smell and aromatic at the same time. Your dog might be uncomfortable or allergic to the smell of the cologne. Consult with your veterinarian before applying cologne on your dog’s skin. We recommend Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Freshening & Shining Spray, which can be purchased on Amazon.

Wash Up Blankets and Bed
The dog’s place or kennel should be cleaned thoroughly. Also, you must ensure to clean up the blankets and bed used by your dog. Cleaning your dog will be of no use if the bed and blankets of your dog remain dirty. Therefore, you should get your dog’s bedding stuff washed to make your dog feel free of dirt.

Avoid Trash in your Home
If you have a trash bin in your abode, then you should keep the trash bin empty at all times. Do not allow your dog to go near the trash bin, as your dog might get covered by stinky substances. You can either keep the trash bin far away from your dog’s kennel, or you can choose not to stuff your trash bin with rubbish.

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