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healthy paws insurance reviewGetting a pet means promising to protect it, to love it like your sibling or wife or husband or parents when they are old. This would mean not just feeding them and cleaning them but also enduring periods of whining, playing with them, entertaining them and of course, looking after them when they are unwell or meet with an accident or are plain old. Getting a pet insurance would keep you and your pet one step ahead of others in this matter. Healthy Paws Insurance can be of great help with their attractive policies and friendly pricing.

How did Healthy Paws come into being?

Healthy Paws Insurance & Foundation came into being in 2009 out of sheer passion for pets. They consistently attempt to improve their services and come up with the latest offers. In fact, they were the first pet insurance company to launch an app for iPhone. They run a medical grant program called the ‘Every Quote Gives Hope’ through which they take care of stray and homeless pets by rescuing and taking care of them. They have constantly been rated as the best pet insurance company by many online reviewing sites from 2012 till 2015.

Why Healthy Paws Insurance?

The love that the company, its employees, and founders have for pets clearly shows through the acts undertaken by them. Not only do they provide insurance but also help you connect with pet welfare organisations in your area so that you find support whenever you need it. This also allows pet lovers to create a network and stay in touch, to mourn and rejoice together, to share information and to help each other in case of any need. They stay actively engaged in different pet rescue operations and also stay connected with adoption groups to encourage the adoption and caring of stray pets. All of this stems from their love for animals in general. Customer service at Healthy Paws is also superb, maintaining transparency and authentic information sharing. Their mobile app puts pet insurance on the move, making it simple for users to make claims and getting payment which is sent through cheques. Healthy Paws is also devoid of any lifetime limit or limits per incident when it comes to claims.

The Plans from Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws has two main plans, one for dogs and one for puppies. Here are the details:

  • Puppy Insurance Plan – This is meant for puppies to five-year-old dogs. Insurance policies from Healthy Paws are available for dogs from the age of 8 weeks. Dogs enrolled before the age of 6 are also entitled to coverage from any treatment required for hip dysplasia.
  • Dog Insurance Plan – Treatments for older dogs are often more expensive and are required more frequently due to age and hereditary factors. This can lead to the need for a lot of treatments which translates to a lot of expenditure. Dogs can be enrolled for this plan before they turn 14.
    What is Covered by Insurance Plans from Healthy Paws

The policies from Healthy Paws cover all issues which may occur with the health of your dog. There are no limits to the claims, and your pet is covered so long as they don’t come with a pre-existing condition. They are the only ones who have lifetime coverage with annual deductible. Their dog insurance plan covers accidents, illnesses, hereditary and congenital conditions, cancer, chronic conditions, diagnostic treatment, blood tests, X-rays, ultrasounds, hospitalization, prescription medications, surgery, emergency care, alternative treatment and specialty care.

Visits to the vet are covered by the insurance plans from Healthy Paws including checkups at specialist and emergency hospitals. Alternative care is also covered by their policies. Waiting period after enrolment for accidents or illnesses is 15 days, and that for illnesses such as hip dysplasia is 12 months.

Customer Reviews for Healthy Paws

Some really happy clients of Healthy Paws were more than glad to speak about them. One of them says,

‘I considered pet insurance a waste till I came across Healthy Paws. When our new dog ended up getting injured due to a fight with our previous dog, we sought help from Healthy Paws, who then took care of all medical emergencies. Our claims were processed bang on time, and our follow up routine was also sorted. Their app was especially helpful in this regard as I could submit the invoices from my office but the reimbursement checks reached me within two weeks. In fact, Healthy Paws also helped us a lot in our search for a new home for our new dog. Hs transfer policy to the new owners, who came last week was also sorted soon. However, the new owner returned our dog in a few days when Healthy Paws returned the transfer and assured us that there would be no extra cost for this. I would never go to another pet insurance company now’.

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